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17 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween 2017

Pumpkin Carving design Is used in the Month Of October Because Halloween Is celebrated On The 31st October Every year It is Celebrated because Peoples Thinks That On That day Souls Of there ancestors came to the earth and meet with them and people used to scare each other by making Pumpkin Masks of different pumpkin carving ideas On there Faces And they Use Pumpkin Designs to decorate there Houses By carving pumpkins While lots of pumpkin decorating design don’t involve a knife at all, there’s nothing like a light-filled jack-o’-lantern to put that finishing touch on your homemade Halloween decorations. Years of pumpkin carving design have taught us that it’s much easier to create memorable designs when you start with a stencil. So we found the best pumpkin design, from eerie faces to clever emoticons, and turned them into easy-to-use, free carving templates. At the time of festival of Halloween pumpkin carving design have the important role because the pumpkin carving design are used at every moment of this festival .due to the different pumpkin carving design different pumpkin carving faces are made at that time to scared to other people .for the festival mostly all the people used the different pumpkin carving design  to hide there face on Halloween

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Firstly You need to have a pumpkin that must not to be rotten or do not have any soft corner as you have to carve it so


First Step Is To Pick a Perfect Pumpkin

As Shown Below pick one without patch or any soft corner

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving


2nd step Get set Go

Remove the Seeds And Goo

By cutting a circular lid around the stem and remove all the seeds and goo by hands or take a icecream scoop for do the same

Halloween Pumpkin Carving designs

Halloween Pumpkin Carving designs

After 2nd step Your half of the work is done now its a time to do the 3rd and the easiest step

Place Your Pattern On the Pumpkin

paste it with the help of tape or pin remember the place must be dry so that tape can grip easily and after placing your pattern your pumpkin will look like this

Pumpkin Carving ideas

Pumpkin Carving ideas

After 3rd step its a Time to Do most difficult Task Of pumpkin carving

Carve the pumpkin

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas

The Most Important thing to be remember for this is never use a knife It will make your efforts nill so be carefull and always use a saw the most plus point of this is saw do not get twisted and pumpkin do not give gently turned your saw in the direction you want

Be Carefull



Let it Glow, let it glow, let it glow! (Light your Halloween Masterpiece)

Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving


Battery lights are best for pumpkin lightning and if you love candles too use them for lightning of your pumpkin Light your candle and then, about a minute or two later, blow it out and observe the inside top of your pumpkin. You’ll see a dark area singed by the candle’s flame. Carve a chimney hole into this area, just over an inch wide, to allow the flame’s heat to escape. Now, relight the candle and watch your pumpkin GLOW!

Hints For

Pumpkin Carving

Hint 1: Choosing a pumpkin with smooth skin, rather than deep ridges, will make applying a pattern so much easier! More bumps equal more hassle.

Hint 2: Even if it’s the “ugly” side, choose the flattest side of your pumpkin to apply the pattern and carve. When the day turns to night, viewers will only see the glow, not the gory, and it will make your pumpkin carving process a snap!

Hint 3: To light candles (and esp. to relight them on blustery Autumn nights!), forget the top lid and carve an opening into the bottom of the pumpkin instead. When it’s ready to glow, light your candle, pick up your pumpkin and gently place it over the candle. Viola! No burnt fingers!

Hint 4: Having trouble putting on the pattern? Before you tape it down, make several tears, about three inches apart, all around the outside edge of the pattern. When you tape it down, this will make the pattern form to your pumpkin’s rounded shape.

Hint 5: When you apply the pattern, poke the holes about 1/4” apart, and even closer together on more intricate patterns. The holes only need to just pierce the pumpkin skin – about 1/8” deep.

Hint 6: Never use a knife to carve your pumpkin. Even when carving with a saw, keep your non-carving hand away from the blade. Remember, a safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween!

Hint 7: Hold your saw like a pencil and insert it at a 90-degree angle to the pumpkin’s surface to carve a simple pattern. To create different effects (like a portrait’s shadow), you can angle the blade.

Hint 8: When you begin carving, carve the tiniest sections first. Next, carve the areas in the center of the pattern, and then carve out the other sections working towards the outer edge. Never rest your hand on a carved out area or your design might break!

Hint 9: If you’re having trouble viewing your poked out pattern, rub a little flour, cornstarch or baby powder into the dots. The dots will turn bright white and your design will practically pop off the pumpkin!

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